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What's Next for Echo

Our goal is to create the best tool we possibly can to help the church engage with God. And we want you to be a part of shaping its future. As you look at our development roadmap, remember nothing is set in stone and that these are just some of the goals that we are working toward in the (hopefully near) future. We want you to be as excited as we are about where Echo is heading!

Our Development Roadmap

We have a lot of things planned for Echo in the future. They range from additional features, to apps on other platforms, to whole new services - like managing prayer in a small group setting or as a missionary or even for a whole church!

The items listed below are not listed in chronological order, or in order of importance. They're mostly here just to give you an idea of everything we'd like to do if we can. Also, at the bottom of the page is a link for you to let us know what's important to you, or to give us more ideas for the future!

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Sharing Prayers

Share your prayers with other Echo users
Share your prayers on Facebook
Share your prayers on Twitter
Send your prayer requests to other people
Sharing in small groups
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Other Apps

iPad App
Web App + syncing earlier accounts
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Church & Organization Versions

Church integration (allowing feeds from churches)
Missionary & Missions organization integration
Business-wide prayer feeds
Integration with Clover Sites
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New Features

Prayer notes / journal
Photos for your prayers
Allows prayers to be spoken/read to you ("hands free mode")
Add Common Prayers to your prayer list
Text message reminders?
Add a Prayer with Siri (when Apple allows this)

Give Us Feedback

We'd love to know what features you'd like to have, and what would help your prayer life.
Please take a minute to give us any feedback on Echo's current or future features!

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